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Coding and compliance information changes constantly. Flash Code Solutions, LLC keeps track of these changes and delivers current and accurate coding solutions to physician, hospital, government and insurance company clients.


The principles of Flash Code Solutions, LLC have decades of experience in health care delivery, medical coding and compliance and information processing. Our unique solutions come from comprehensive knowledge and understanding

of what our clients do and how they do it.


Flash Code Works.

Anywhere, Anytime.

Flash Code Next Generation

Flash Code is used daily by thousands of physician's offices, government agencies, medical groups, hospitals and third party payers nationwide for comprehensive coding and compliance tasks.


Flash Code Next Generation incorporates the best practices of software as a service design and delivery. 

Flash Code ICD-10 Smart Search

Flash Code with ICD-10 Smart Search provides simultaneous access to the complete ICD-9-CM, ICD-10-CM and ICD-10-PCS coding systems. 

Search for ICD-9 and/or ICD-10 codes, see the relationships (mapping) between the two coding systems, determine sequencing, and drill down to specific billable diagnosis codes. 

Flash Code Integration

Integration is a cost-effective way to add ICD-10 coding value to your enterprise solution. Flash Code provides an API that allows any integration partner to access our data and coding intelligence. This makes it possible to query Flash Code information, then post it within the integration partner's GUI. 

1. 24/7 Global Internet Access

2. Device Independent 

3. Integration Ready

Delivering the Right Coding Solution

The right coding solution is one that provides comprehensive coding tools that are easy to learn and use in a cost effective manner. Flash Code can be used on any desktop, laptop, tablet or thin client device connected to the internet. Dual Dedicated High Availability Clusters are used for clients with high user volume.

Flash Code is delivered on fast and highly available servers with uptime of 99.9% per year. The website has processed over 2 billion hits; delivering over 500 million page views to over 10 million visitors.

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